Wednesday, 26 August 2009

City pictures at night.

V set us the task of getting night pictures, in a city with lights, so off to Manchester we headed and after researching a few spots decided to go for it, our first attempts at Night Photography.

Manchester made an ideal backdrop, lots of light and traffic. We started with buildings and night skies but soon moved onto moving vehicles at junctions and traffic lights, took us a while to get into the swing of it but after a short time experimenting we came up with solutions that worked for us, slow film speeds, small apertures and really long exposures.

The night just wet our appetite, we definately want to go back for more, spotted some new view points and buildings we want to photograph.

Saturday, 22 August 2009


Spent a day in Bath recently, downside was too many people and cars, not the best for photographing this very photogenic city. Decided the best option was to look for details in the city and try to record those, not something I often do, but have suggested it as an activity for beginners when trying to help them decide what they want to photograph.

It is a beautiful city, full of Georgian buildings, look for the Kings Crescent, well worth a picture or two, also look above street level on all the main shopping streets, some fine details to be seen, old adverts and ornate carvings.

I looked for patterns in buildings and streets, or unusual views.

Have a look at these and see what you think, would love to read your comments.

Thursday, 20 August 2009



Just back from a short break in the Bristol and Somerset area, thought i'd take a few pics whilst visiting friends and family down there.

Not my usual sort of pictures, spent some time around the old harbour in Bristol, now very chic with bars and eating places, but they have done it nicely and kept some of the old features which grabbed m eye and just asked to be photographed.

Though it would be a good opportunity to experiment with Sepia and B&W, nice skies too to add to the effect, see what you think, would love some comeback on them.


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Shooting portraits outdoors

Today I decided to have another go at portraits outside, so J and I headed off for my favourite venue in Lathkill Dale. Lots of water in the river so stunning waterfall as backdrop, both in and out of focus, setting was great, light was so-so, bit cloudy but some sun as the session went on.

The session helped me come to terms with a few bits that I hadn't completely realised before, but need to remember for the future, maybe tips i should share, go something like this:-

  • Is hard to take outdoor portraits alone, need some one to hold reflectors, arrange person being photographed.

  • They must want to be photographed, not just putting up with it,

  • The day has to be just right, hard when battling against the cold, or wind or rain.

  • Got to be clear about the instructions you give to the person being photographed.

  • Need to persevere to get the picture you want.

  • Encourage verbally the subject, help them relax and give a good pose.

One from todays shoot.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Sunday on the Canal...

Early morning about to set out, all is still on the Llangollen Canal.

On our way.

The Aquaduct.

The other aquaduct, Chirk.

Monday, 10 August 2009

When is Photography an artform?

Whenever we have had a display of our pictures someone usually brings up the thought that our photographs are an art form, something I always agree with, it is a way of sharing our view of the world in which we live, just the same as any artist does.
You only have to look at the work of many of the worlds great photographers to see that each of them has a uniques view of the world in which they live, they share their ideas of colour, form and shape and share them with all who choose to look.
If they don't mention that then it is that anyone can take pictures with a digital camera, 'not like the good old days....' is a common complaint. Having taken pictures for the last 35+ years using every type of camera available in that time, I now feel more in control of the final image, more in control of how our view of the world is being seen.
We'd love to hear your comments , why not post us a comment on either of these topics.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

So it begins

Hi, a new blog to go with Vavid Galleria, our website dedicated to our mutual love of photography, will try to share what we've been up to and what our dreams and asperations are.
Wednesday and Thursday saw us at Bakewell Show, in the craft tent displaying what we had on offer. Business was slow but we managed to sell come cards and a couple of bigger pictures.
The comments we received were all very encouraging, encouragement is what we need at present, that and a few serious sales.
We've a couple of other big events coming up this month, hope to see people at these, if you come along after reading this say hi and let us know that you've seen this, and visited our site, by the way the website can be found at
Today saw me on the Llangollen Canal, my sisters 50th birthday, an opportunity for a few family pics and some great scenery, the aquaducts are great, but hard to picture from a narrowboat, will post a couple tomorrow if they are any good.