Monday, 10 August 2009

When is Photography an artform?

Whenever we have had a display of our pictures someone usually brings up the thought that our photographs are an art form, something I always agree with, it is a way of sharing our view of the world in which we live, just the same as any artist does.
You only have to look at the work of many of the worlds great photographers to see that each of them has a uniques view of the world in which they live, they share their ideas of colour, form and shape and share them with all who choose to look.
If they don't mention that then it is that anyone can take pictures with a digital camera, 'not like the good old days....' is a common complaint. Having taken pictures for the last 35+ years using every type of camera available in that time, I now feel more in control of the final image, more in control of how our view of the world is being seen.
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