Sunday, 9 August 2009

So it begins

Hi, a new blog to go with Vavid Galleria, our website dedicated to our mutual love of photography, will try to share what we've been up to and what our dreams and asperations are.
Wednesday and Thursday saw us at Bakewell Show, in the craft tent displaying what we had on offer. Business was slow but we managed to sell come cards and a couple of bigger pictures.
The comments we received were all very encouraging, encouragement is what we need at present, that and a few serious sales.
We've a couple of other big events coming up this month, hope to see people at these, if you come along after reading this say hi and let us know that you've seen this, and visited our site, by the way the website can be found at
Today saw me on the Llangollen Canal, my sisters 50th birthday, an opportunity for a few family pics and some great scenery, the aquaducts are great, but hard to picture from a narrowboat, will post a couple tomorrow if they are any good.

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