Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Shooting portraits outdoors

Today I decided to have another go at portraits outside, so J and I headed off for my favourite venue in Lathkill Dale. Lots of water in the river so stunning waterfall as backdrop, both in and out of focus, setting was great, light was so-so, bit cloudy but some sun as the session went on.

The session helped me come to terms with a few bits that I hadn't completely realised before, but need to remember for the future, maybe tips i should share, go something like this:-

  • Is hard to take outdoor portraits alone, need some one to hold reflectors, arrange person being photographed.

  • They must want to be photographed, not just putting up with it,

  • The day has to be just right, hard when battling against the cold, or wind or rain.

  • Got to be clear about the instructions you give to the person being photographed.

  • Need to persevere to get the picture you want.

  • Encourage verbally the subject, help them relax and give a good pose.

One from todays shoot.

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